History of the Liepaja Olympic center

For Liepja residents and visitors who enjoy sporting and cultural events, March 17, 2007 holds special significance. At that time, a capsule was buried in the building's foundations in front of the Liepaja City Council management, members of the Saeima of the Republic of Latvia, ministers of the Latvian government, the management of the Latvian Olympic Committee, as well as construction workers and athletes. The Liepja Olympic Center, a brand-new, ambitious, and modern structure, opened its doors on 

August 2, 2008, bringing together followers of sports and the arts for many years.
A variety of function spaces are combined at the 18,000 square meter Liepaja Olympic Center. There are gyms for basketball, volleyball, floorball, table tennis, boxing, judo, Greco-Roman, and freestyle wrestling on the five floors of the main structure. The Liepaja Olympic Center offers more than just sporting event amenities. The main structure also has a sizable sports arena for basketball, floorball, and frequently sizable concerts, as well as Rose Hall for concerts and conferences, a dance and banquet hall (Tango Hall) and a seminar and conference hall (Saules and Liepa hall). The Liepaja Olympic Center, one of the most modern, multipurpose sporting and cultural complexes in Latvia, the Baltic States, and possibly even Europe, offers recreational possibilities for people of various tastes.

In an extension next to the Liepaja Olympic Center, a Pool & SPA was constructed in 2011 to let people unwind, escape from their daily routines, and enjoy the summer steam and a cooling swim even in the winter. With two pools, a relaxation area, water massages, bubble tubs, three different types of saunas, and 3,200 square meters of space, this facility is the largest and most modern Pool & SPA complex in Kurzeme. Visitors to the Pool & SPA complex have access to two pools: the little pool, which primarily serves as a venue for swimming instruction and is furnished with two countercurrent devices, and the large pool, which can be used for aqua aerobics classes or just plain swimming for exercise. Everyone will be able choose their favorite area at the Pool & Spa complex, which is appropriate for visitors of all ages.

Five sports stadiums, including Daugava Stadium, Olimpija Stadium, Daugava Reserve Stadium, Velnciema Stadium, and Raina Park Stadium, joined the Liepaja Olympic Center complex in December 2013. The "Daugava" stadium regularly draws football fans because it satisfies with international football game standards.  Visitors to the stadium "Daugava" can do more than just watch sporting events from the stands. Visitors have access to both the football field and the athletics area. You can also use this chance to test your abilities on Liepaja's only "Mini Pitch" court. One of the five newest additions to the Liepaja Olympic Center complex is the "Olimpija" stadium, which is not less well known to true football enthusiasts. Young football enthusiasts are being trained in the stadiums at "Daugava reserve stadium," "Velnciema," and "Raina Park," to keep the sport alive in Liepaja.
The "Draudziba" recreation complex, which is in Bernati, Nicas parish, was taken over by the Liepaja Olympic Center in July 2014 as part of an effort to encourage an active lifestyle among the residents of Liepaja. There are eight buildings in this 2.86-hectare complex, which are used to plan sporting, leisure, and educational events for kids and teenagers. On the property, a multipurpose sports area has been built that can accommodate a variety of sports competitions, including basketball, tennis, football, floorball, handball, and folk ball. Beach volleyball, beach tennis, or beach soccer courts are three other sports venues open to tourists. These facilities are available to anyone with their own equipment. Exercise equipment and landscaped grounds are also publicly available. A wooden boardwalk was built, which provides more convenient access to the beach area. The Liepaja Olympic Center intends to offer participants summer camps, seminars, and courses at the "Draudzība" recreation complex, offering young people the chance to get away from the rush and bustle of the city.

The Liepaja Olympic Center acquired an ice rink in November 2014. The LOC Ice Hall serves as the home of the HK "Liepaja" and the Liepaja Sports Games School's hockey teams in addition to being a popular ice-skating location for locals and visitors. The ice rink can host concerts, exhibitions, and other kinds of cultural events thanks to the unique floor covering. The 5,000 square meter facility has a spectator-friendly ice arena, contemporary locker facilities, a gym, a sauna, a meeting room, and a cafe. 

The LOC Manege, which primarily offers track and field athletes and floorball players training possibilities, was formally launched on March 18, 2018. The LOC Arena is capable of hosting international athletics competitions since it complies with the requirements set forth by the International Association of Athletics. On an area of 8910 m2, there is a 200-meter running track with four tracks, a 6-by-60-meter sprint track, areas with the appropriate apparatus for high jump, long jump, throwing disciplines, shot put, and pole vault, workout equipment, a gymnastics area, and a climbing wall. In addition, the arena contains a sports court where you can play floorball, basketball, indoor football, and volleyball. There is also a court that is appropriate for beach volleyball and beach tennis. For the convenience of guests, there is an information center, a hostel, changing facilities, a sports goods store, and a cafe.

The new LOC Tennis Hall, which offers year-round training options for tennis players, was just inaugurated on April 13, 2019. On 5988 square meters, there are 5 closed tennis courts with a "hard" surface and a warm-up area, a fitness center with the newest exercise equipment, a white room designed for TRX and free movement, group, and individual training, as well as use as a conference room, and players’ lounge during tennis matches. While the Red Hall is used for training sessions with smaller groups. Four open-type tennis courts with a "hard" cover and a warm-up wall, as well as six beach tennis or beach volleyball courts, are placed on the 15300 m2 field area close to the hall. The LOC Tennis Hall increases the potential for conducting international-level events in Liepaja while also allowing for the continuation of training sessions concurrent with the competition. Visitors can take advantage of an information center, changing rooms, a sporting goods store, and a cafe.

In 2019, the "Daugava Sports Hall"—one of the city's oldest sports halls—came under the management of the Liepaja Olympic Center. Up until 1975, this facility served as the primary training and competition location for the Latvian men's and women's basketball teams in addition to the teams from Liepaja. Many sports enthusiasts considered it to be a second home because it was where many Liepaja-born basketball, boxing, and chess champions started their successful careers. The Liepaja Sports Games School's basketball and volleyball teams, as well as several amateur basketball teams, train in the "Daugava sports hall" most frequently. The sports hall has a basketball court (24.80 x 14.00 m) that can also be used for badminton, tennis, or volleyball. Four small changing rooms and a sauna are also offered for the comfort of guests.

The new LOC Football Hall was formally inaugurated in the fall of 2022. The major purpose of the football hall is to hold complete football practices and competitions all year round, regardless of the climate or season. The new football stadium is made up of an inflatable sports dome with a dome height of 21.3 meters. There is an artificial turf soccer field (102 m x 66 m) available on an 8300 m2 plot of land. For the comfort of the public, a visitor information center and fully equipped changing rooms are offered.