Complex motion and physical properties test – the procedure includes the analysis of body composition, Y balance test, functional movement screening (FMS), strength endurance tests of the body corset, arm and leg strength tests. In addition, manual muscle testing, dynamometer tests, as well as functional assessment of posture and gait are performed.

FMS (functional movement screening) – helps determine imbalance of mobility and stability by using seven movement models. Observation of basic movements, manipulative and stabilising movements is performed during the procedure. The obtained results are used to develop a programme of correcting exercises, which helps treat postural and musculoskeletal system trauma.

Posture and running analysis – used to assess running and gait efficiency in all phases, based on the analysis of video and photo recordings of musculoskeletal system movements. The obtained results allow one to develop recommendations for the improvement of running technique in order to avoid potential trauma.

Functional test – the procedure consists of functional movement screening (FMS), Y balance test and body composition analysis.

Tensiomyography test (TMG) – used to make conclusions about the rehabilitation process (assessment of progress), muscle suitability for sports (muscle speed properties), risk of trauma (assessment of lateral and functional symmetry), as well as the monitoring of the training process (assessment of muscle fatigue). During the procedure, a metering device that electrically stimulates the muscle is used to determine various physical properties of muscle contractions.


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