Ultrasound examination with/without phonophoresis – the procedure is used to strengthen connective tissue and dilate blood vessels to improve microcirculation and cell metabolism, it promotes relief of inflammation, softens scar tissue and improves tissue regeneration and absorption processes. During the therapy, ultrasound wave energy is transformed into heat energy, which causes heating of tissues, thus activating the biochemical and physiological processes of the body.

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) – is used to reduce pain. One of the types of electric anaesthesia and muscle stimulation. During therapy, electrodes are placed on the skin, which use electric impulses of differing intensity to stimulate nerve receptors.

Magnetic therapy - promotes tissue circulation, reduces oedema, inflammation and pain. Safe magnetic field is used during the therapy to treat connective tissue system and nerve system diseases, traumatic injuries, dystrophic, degenerative and traumatic musculoskeletal system diseases or impairments.


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