Recreation complex “Draudzība” is located near The Baltic sea, in Nīca Parish, Bernāti. Area of complex is 2,86 hectares. “Draudzība” is suitable for organising various sports, recreation and educational events and camps. For organising coorporate events, there are available four event rooms – “A”, “B”, “C” and “D”, event hall – “Z”, and also coffee room. It is possible to overnight at holiday house, holiday apartment or in hostel. Individual travellers can stay in their own tent, or enjoy the comfort of holiday house or holiday apartment. In area of recreation complex there is multifunctional sports field, which can be used for various sports. Nearby “Draudzība”, next to the seaside, there are three sports fields, sutable for playing beach volley, beach tennis or beach football. These fields can be used by everyone  with their own equipment. For public usage, there are also gymnastic equipment, landscaped area and wooden footbridge, which leads to the sea. Active tourism season at recreation complex “Draudzība” is from May to September, low season is from October to April.

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  • Adrese Recreation complex "Draudzība", Bernati, Nīcas district, LV-3473
  • Tālrunis (+371) 20204776
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