Stadium "Daugava" is located in Jūrmalas Park 3.  Football field size is 105mx68m. Stadium conforms to international soccer games standards, thats is main reason, why it is most commonly used stadium for soccer championship`s in Liepaja. It can provide seats for 4022 spectators: 3051 seats in large platform, 971 seats in  small platform. Stadium "Daugava" is equipped with artificial lighting. Field- and- track sector can be used for running disciplines, including hurdle- pit and jumping disciplines: high jump, pole vault, long jump and triple jump. Also available shot-put sector and throwing disciplines: javelin throwing, discus and hammer throwing. "Mini Pitch" field size is 20mx13m. Considered that stadium “Daugava” is one of the best soccer stadiums in the country, and it has earned multiple appreciations.  For years it gathers both, football and field-and-track fans and athletes.