Functional work capacity test – performed for determining endurance work capacity and thresholds. The test consists of a lactate threshold test and heart rate monitoring as the athlete is on the treadmill or CYCLUS cycling trainer. After the receipt of test results, the athlete can adapt their training plan. The test is used for the representatives of various types of team sports, however, it is especially suitable for long distance runners, cyclists, rowers and representatives of similar sports. Please note that the test does not provide medical information or an opinion on the general health condition of the athlete.

Wingate anaerobic work capacity test – used to determine anaerobic endurance work capacity and anaerobic power. These are important factors, since they require maximum performance within a short period of time. Test results are suitable for athletes that frequently need to perform short and quick acceleration, for instance, hockey players, football players, tennis players and representatives of similar sports.

ECG test at rest – this test allows one to determine and obtain valuable information on the functional condition of the heart. During the procedures, the electronic recording of heart activity is obtained by means of electrodes attached to the surface of the body. The recording is performed for a short period of time, and while the person is at rest.


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